About the Owners

Tim & Todd — Owner & Chef

Tim Canning and Todd Davies have worked together for years. They first met as students at Kendall College right here in Chicago, and then both went on to work for Chef Steven Chiappett's renowned restaurants Mango, Rhapsody, and Mossant Bistro.

With a strong baseline for traditional French and American cooking, both took different paths out of Chicago to travel, work, and hone their skills under celebrated chefs on the east and west coasts. With over a decade of experience, both chefs came back to the Midwest to join forces once again.

Their unique interpretation of regional cuisines, rooted in classic technique, is the baseline for the food and wine menu at Cadence Kitchen & Co. Both chefs are bringing together their love and respect for local farmers, ranchers, and artisanal foods, to create an exciting culinary experience for the town of Downers Grove.

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